USA:  Musa Bamba A.K.A. Moss Kiny a US citizen from Burundi origin released his new single “Back to You”. This young singer has been showing his singing talents recently and has dedicated this new single to his parents.  Here`s a short interview he granted us.


Kabaza (?): Good Evening Mr. Moss and thank you for granting us a second interview in a year.

Moss Kiny (MK): Good Evening Mr. Hilaire and thank you for having me again.

?:  Why “Back to you?”

MK: Well, I sat down one day and thought about everything that my parents have done in my life, their love, help, and support till to this point.  Being able to raise a big family and support each individual kid in the family. It’s incredible. So, I had nothing else to repay for all that love, but to contribute with a song so they can at least know they raised kids who appreciate their love. I dedicated this song to them.

?: How many siblings do you have?

MK: All together we are ten siblings. We are a big family.

?: Wow! That`s a blessing!

MK: It`s a blessing indeed.

?: We don`t see your father in the clip [interrupt]

MK: [Smile] He is a very busy father. He was not available on the day of video shooting.

?: Did you compose this song?

MK: In part, No sir, I was given an idea by the song “This Town” of Niall Horan. I composed some verses in Kirundi about my love and appreciation towards my parents and mixed them with some English lyrics and melody from “This Town.”

?: Any upcoming concert?

MK: You`d know it for sure.

?: Again, thanks for your time

MK: Thank you.