Zambia –  Diola Hacimana, a very young and talented Burundian singer who lives in exile in Zambia released his new song titled: TRUST ME.

Back on April 22, we all read this on his Facebook page: “The next song is called… TRUST ME BY DIOLA AND PLATOON DIVO… so its still in kitchen B-shop at kabin studio he is still cooking the same song, thanks… I know u will love the song am talking about… [sic].” Now this post is in the past because he recently released it in collaboration with his friend PLATOON DIVO.

We asked what inspired him to compose and sing this love song. He answered this: “I have a friend who had a girl-friend but this girl broke with him because of gossip in town. This made me think about a song I can sing to send a message to other girls, and boys too, advising them to be trustful in their relationship and avoid listening to gossip.”

Diola is well known by Burundians because of his song BIRABAJE. In this song, he reveals his disagreement with politicians who disregard democratic principles for good governance. He also gives some advice to politicians and remind them that “every criminal must know he is going nowhere.” He also expresses his sadness to see many Burundians living in exile in deplorable conditions.

He also sang TUBE ABARUNDI B’UMUTIMA in which is calls on Burundians to be true patriots.