“…—the Burundians eating each other up, 200,000 of them digested each other…”

“…Nobody cares…”

“…For Christ’s sake if they eat each other nobody gives a damn. Isn’t that true?”

“… But I am getting tired of this business of letting these Africans eat 100,000 people and doing nothing about it….”

Those words were spoken more that 46 years ago in the Oval office and they are still valid today. Burundians are still eating each other up and digesting each other. Who cares? “…Nobody cares…”

That`s “to be a Burundian.”

Was this definition clear? Let`s try this one.

The Invitation to the Fifth Round of the Inter-Burundi Dialogue clearly states:

Invitation for the Inter-Burundi Dialogue

“…The objective of the session will be to among other things [emphasis added], agree on a roadmap towards 2020 elections and….”

However, two antagonist stakeholders wrote letters to the H.E. Benjamin William Mkapa, the facilitator of the Inter-Burundi Dialogue expressing their concerns.

On one hand, the opposition group CNARED-GIRITEKA wrote:


“…the signatories of this letter are very worried that the negotiating agenda is limited to only one point, that of analyzing a roadmap for the 2020 elections [free translation].”

On the other hand, the extra-parliamentary group close to the government of Burundi (another Stakeholder) wrote:

Extra parliamentary group letter

… our interest in participating in the 5th round of the Inter-Burundi Dialogue will depend on the strict respect of the agenda already mentioned in the invitation letter, namely the roadmap for the 2020 elections [free translation].”

You may wonder how did the two groups of a handfuls “illustrious” people representing the interest of millions of Burundians could not see the expression “among other things” in the invitation? Do they really know the meaning of that expression? For your information, and this is very very important. Our forefather always taught us to have eyes (to rely on facts, what we see, what we know) and not ears (to not rely on he said she said).

That`s “to be a Burundian.”

Well, if you are still confused, just “be a Burundian” to understand what it is “to be a Burundian”