Bujumbura, Burundi – The International Festival of Cinema and Audiovisual of Burundi, FESTICAB, is a cultural event created with the objective of promoting and disseminating the films of Burundian directors and foreign films in general both on the national level internationally.

This Tuesday, March 27, 2018, the FESTICAB celebrated its tenth anniversary under the theme: Youth, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership. On the occasion, Mrs. Francine MUNYANA, Director of FESTICAB, said that during the past 10 years, FESTICAB has already made many achievements in the world of cinematography.

She said, FESTICAB encouraged creativity among film directors and allowed them to participate in various competitions at the national and international level;  organized training for Burundian directors in Burundi and abroad, and developed intercultural exchanges through international film experts with local filmmakers.

Mrs. Francine MUNYANA indicated that thanks to the cinema, the image of the country can be known all over the world. She underlined though that there some challenges that FESTICAB faces especially the lack of financial means to make a lot of achievements.