Bujumbura, Burundi – Fishermen in the locality of Muha Kanyosha commune are complaining about their authorities at the highest level of the Fishermen Federation. They allege that they have never seen these authorities, their representatives at the national level since they started fishing in that locality. They said they would like to meet with them to discuss their concerns and present them their grievances.

Mr. Amos IRAKOZE, one of the fisherman, said his colleagues and himself face a lot of problems when fishing. He evoked violent winds and heavy rains which sometimes cause the death of his colleagues. He also deplored high price for lifejackets for fishermen.

Mr. Stanislas NKONGORO, one of the leaders of the beach

Mr. Stanislas NKONGORO, one of the leaders of the beach of this locality, affirmed that he has already heard about these fishermen`s complaints and shares the same opinion with regard to the review of the price for life jackets. He would also like to see a good relationship between fishermen and the authorities of the federation. He argued that public authorities and those of the federation should collaborate with fishermen before making any decisions that affect them.  It worth mentioning that at this beach there are more than 100 boats and 500 fishermen and other workers.