Bujumbura, Burundi – During a training session organized by the Press House to journalists this Thursday on how journalists should proceed when collecting information from a traumatized person, Dr. Pierre Claver Njejimana informed that there are many people who suffer from the trauma in Burundi because of the cycles of violence Burundi went through. Dr. Pierre Claver NJEJIMANA, a psychiatrist at the Kamenge Neuropsychiatrist Hospital, said that one can carry the trauma and not realize it. He called on whoever thinks suffers from trauma to seek help before it`s late.

He urged journalists to be cautious when it comes to seeking information from a traumatized person. Dr. Pierre Claver Njejimana also said that trauma can be treated and cured. It`s worth mentioning here that the neuropsychiatrist center of Kamenge is the only psychiatric center in the whole country.