Bujumbura, Burundi – According to Mr. Désiré NDANZIZA, the trainer, Burundian journalists are striving to be media professionals, however, they face many obstacles in the exercise of their profession including the lack of access to information. He also noted that journalists may sometime mix the role of the editorial staff with that of the program. Mr. Desire explained that it is strictly forbidden to combine the program services with that of a reporter. He has appealed to anyone with any advanced knowledge in journalism to easily deliver it to Burundian journalists.

As for Pascal NDAYISENGA, a journalist on Izere FM radio in Rumonge and trainee, the training was very important for journalists. He indicated that everything on reporting cases involving conflict is clear to him now and that it will be easy for him to deal with conflicting information without bias. He asked the Press House, organizer of this training, to plan more training sessions on different issues journalists can learn and benefits from.