Bujumbura, Burundi –  During a three-day workshop under the theme “From Wounded Memories to a Common Dream” organized by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Burundi, Honorable Agathon Rwasa, said Burundian political actors must meet often and talk about political issues and find solutions together. However, he insisted that the current administration is the first responsible entity that must take the lead in such an initiative. Hon. Agathon Rwasa said when a country does not have good leaders, its population suffers. Therefore, there must be good leaders for Burundian people to live in harmony and peace.

For Mr. Éric NKENGUBURUNDI, President of the MRC party, if Burundians had the courage to tell each other the truth, there would not be many problems in our country. He regrets that there seem to be several truths about Burundi’s past when normally there is only one truth. He also mentioned that some politicians and members of the government are encouraging divisions and hatred in the population through their campaign. He also admitted political actors in Burundi need talks so that Burundians can live in harmony.

Mr. Léonce NGENDAKUMANA, Vice-President of the SAHWANYA FRODEBU party, at his turn, he protested the police. He said police are disrupting the political opponents’ meeting programs and may be considered as the cause of some of the issues the country is going through now. It`s worth mentioning that André NDAYAMBAJE Inspector General of the National Police refuted these allegations.