Bujumbura, Burundi –  The Deputy Minister to the Minister of Interior and Patriotic education Mr. Térence NTAHIRAJA told reporters this Wednesday, January 31, 2018, about some innovations in the amendment of the constitution of Burundi.

According to Mr. Térence NTAHIRAJA, the amendment to the actual Burundi constitution focused on executive, legislative and judicial powers.

The executive power will be overseen by a Head of State, one vice-president and a prime minister. They all must be of Burundi national of origin. Both actual offices of vice-presidents will be repelled once the amendment is voted.

Apart from this amendment to the executive power, the term of office of the President, which is now of five years renewable once, will be increased to seven years renewable only once.

For the legislative power, former head of States will no longer be senators for life. For the judiciary, some changes positively affect the court of auditors. This court will render decisions on matters under its jurisdiction.