Bujumbura, Burundi – Dr. Josiane NIJIMBERE, Minister of Public Health and the fight against AIDS, said her ministry reached planned goals for the year of 2017. According to the Minister, malaria is no longer an epidemic in Burundi. More than 90% of the mosquito nets were distributed throughout the country. insecticide residual spraying (IRS) was done in houses in different provinces of the country. The hiring and relocation of healthcare personnel across the country have also contributed positively to reach the desired goal of the ministry.

Dr. Josiane NIJIMBERE answered some questions from journalists particularly questions about the Global Fund’s envelope that will go through non-governmental organizations and not be deposited directly in the government bank account; the question about contributions for the 2020 elections and many more questions.

On the issue of funds, the minister answered that the most important thing is to have the funds and get it to its recipients; the population and not the way the funds are transmitted. As for the contributions for the 2020 elections, she insisted that these contributions are voluntary.