Burundi, Bujumbura – Mr. Rénovat HAVYARIMANA, the representative of the American friends’ committee, revealed on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, during the week of 12 to 19 October 2017 dedicated to food security that the organization he represents helped the population Burundi for development. He added that an amount of 180,275,000 Burundi francs (approximatively 64,384 US$) was granted to the population of Makamba, Nyanza-Lac, and Kibago in October last year.

Rénovat said the American friends Committee operates in Burundi through two approaches: the “dialogue and exchange program” on the one hand, and through implementing partners in the communities. While the first strategy focuses on peacebuilding initiatives at the national and regional levels, the second strategy focuses on peace education, social cohesion and socio-economic integration of marginalized groups.

The American Friends Committee has created small organizations such as (AFSC) American Friends Service Committee and (AVEC) Village Savings and Credit Associations. All these associations work in the Burundi countryside and within the framework established by the American Friends Committee. They offer financial loans for development and provide training on how to save money, on social cohesion, on peacebuilding and help with trauma healing. The beneficiaries of these loans and training are repatriated refugees, ex-combatants and other vulnerable people, from different political affiliations.

However, Rénovat regretted that young Burundians are not very credible microfinance institutions and do not qualify for micro loans because they are considered unstable unless they take membership in those associations.