Burundi, Bujumbura – “Financing the agricultural sector means ensuring food security and it is one of the factors that could contribute to changing the future of migration,” said Mr. Guide RUREMA, minister Agriculture, and Livestock this Tuesday, October 17, 2017, as the world celebrated the international agriculture day on October 16.

The minister reminded participants that 90% of the Burundian population lives on agriculture and that agriculture is a considered a key sector, not only because it contributes to the domestic product gross (GDP) but also by its job creation and its role in the fight against food insecurity.

However, last year report from UNDP Burundi, says 82.1% of the Burundian population lived on $ 1.25 a day.

The minister also pointed out that this sector faces several constraints, mostly the lack of agricultural funding. “These problems are of concern to the Burundian government, even though farmers and ranchers are currently making efforts to help each other. There should be support from microfinance institutions, “he added.

Finally, he insisted that the Burundian government, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, spare no effort to support any action to facilitate access to financing in the interest of farmers and ranchers in general and the country.

Regarding the aid, the Dutch Embassy through Mrs. Esther says the Dutch government has continued to help Burundi in the agricultural sector.

It is worth mentioning this international agriculture day was celebrated under the theme: “Changing the Future of Migration: Investing in Food Security and Rural Development.”