Burundi, Bujumbura – The commission responsible for rehabilitating markets and redistribute markets stands in Bujumbura held a press conference today Monday 16 October 2017 and assured all business owners who were selling their products in the newly rehabilitated markets will be assigned a stand in the beginning of December.

Mr. Ramadhan NURIKIYE explained that newly rehabilitated markets have other infrastructures such as a healthcare center, a cell, various offices, a garbage disposal place, and an office for firefighters.

Ramathan Nkurunziza, president of the commission of the rehabilitation of markets

“The establishment of these multiple infrastructures has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of stands and caused delays in the distribution of places for business owners” he added. He finally said that the commission is still defining and arranging numbers of market stands so that each seller can get a stand.

The rehabilitated markets are those of Kanyosha, Kinindo, Ruziba, Musaga, Jabe, Ngagara and Kinama. It worth mentioning that this commission consists of members of the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Good Governance, Agents of the City of Bujumbura and representatives of business owners.