Burundi, Buyenzi – One person died in a bar, three others died in the hospital and 29 were wounded in a grenade attack in two bars on 15th Avenue numbers 21 and 29 in Buyenzi. This grenade attack occurred last night Thursday, August 17, 2017.

The population in Buyenzi confirmed that it was around 8 pm when two grenades exploded at the same time in these two bars on the 15th Avenue. They allege that this insecurity in their neighborhood is due to the lack of electricity.

Burundi National Police spokesman Pierre NKURIKIYE confirmed the grenade attack but said he had no official information about the death of three victims at the hospital. He also revealed that three suspects were arrested for investigations purposes. He told the press that security measures had been taken such as a very serious control of circulation in Buyenzi. Concerning the lack of electricity, Pierre NKURIKIYE assured people that there will be an increase in the provision of electricity very soon.