Burundi – The Special Envoy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for the Great Lakes Region Mrs. Katja Lasseur is convinced that the solution to the political crisis in Burundi will be found through the regional mediation conducted by former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa.

In a press conference held this morning on August 9, 2017, Katja Lasseur said the security situation has improved remarkably from 2015. She warned though that this improvement does not mean that the root causes of the 2015 crisis have already been solved, and concluded: “That is why there is a need of common efforts towards finding the Solution to this crisis.”

Concerning the dialogue process, Katja Lasseur said she hoped that the dialogue process would accelerate and that the facilitator Benjamin Mkapa, delegated by the East African community, continues working on it.

“Prosecution of coup plotters is important on one hand, but on the other, there is a need to know and determine who should take part in the Inter-Burundi dialogue to find a solution to the political crisis” responded Katja Lasseur to the question regarding the participation of the putschists in the Inter-Burundi dialogue.

As for the aid from the Netherlands to Burundi, Katja Lasseur said: “The Netherlands has never stopped its aid to Burundians. My country allocates 37.5 million Euros to areas of agriculture, reproductive health, peacebuilding and justice in Burundi. ”

Katja Lasseur affirmed that the Netherlands agrees with the European Union decisions on Burundi and those decisions on Burundi are appropriate considering the Cotonou Agreement.