Burundi – Burundi police spokesman Pierre NKURIKIYE said for this month of August, the Department of Security will put more emphasis and mobilize more resources in the fight against armed crimes, corruption, fraud, unlawful possession of weapons, the consumption and sale of prohibited alcoholic beverages, and narcotic traffic.

In a press conference, this Thursday, July 3, 2017, on the state of security nationwide in July, the Burundi police spokesman said the month of July was overall good nationwide. He also said statistics of serious crimes for the month of July show a significant decrease compared to mid-June 2017.

He stated that cases of assassinations and assassination attempts decreased from 37 to 31, first-degree robbery from 352 to 26, abductions from 4 to 0, rape from 67 to 7, gender-based violence from 57 to 12, and vandalism from 44 to 3.

However, Pierre Nkurikiye confirmed the increase of other crimes such as grenade attacks that went from 1 case to 7 cases, arson or bush fires from 7 to 20, suicides from 0 to 5, and vehicle ambush from 0 to 3.

Note that, such a press conference on security state nationwide will be held monthly.