Bujumbura – The Independent National Commission on Human Rights in Burundi, CNIDH, calls on the International Criminal Court to let the Burundian courts decide on the crimes committed in Burundi since 2015, because, according to this institution, Burundian courts have criminal jurisdiction on the matters.

In a press conference last Friday, July 28, 2017, Jean Baptiste BARIBONEKEZA, president of CNIDH, said Burundi has a good reason to leave the International Criminal Court because This international court wanted to start investigations on violent crimes committed in Burundi in 2015 when national courts are also capable of doing so.

According to Jean Baptiste BARIBONEKEZA, security and respect for human rights have improved in Burundi, and as a result, some Burundian refugees have returned home.

The president of the CNIDH said also that the commission was not pleased with some security disturbances that had occurred in recent days in some provinces and municipalities, including the throwing of grenades.

As for the authenticity of several human rights reports on Burundi, Jean Baptiste BARIBONEKEZA said the CNIDH was not opposed to these reports, but that some of them were not true or did not picture what was happening in the country.

And …, Kabaza wonders:

If Burundi courts are also able to investigate crimes committed on Burundian territory; and

If through its human rights defense the CNIDH receives complaints and investigates human rights violations and was contacted in the first days of the disappearance of the journalist Jean Bigirimana;

If the government of Burundi promised to the EU to use the “internationally recognized standards of investigation”;

Then, why did DNA tests were not performed on the 2 bodies found in the river Mubarazi for victim identification? Why a year went by without any update on this case of the disappearance of the Journalist Bigirimana Jean? Where is Abel Ahishakiye, the alleged SNR (Secret Service) informant who supposedly called last the journalist Jean Bigirimana before his disappearance? Can it be concluded Burundi national courts are capable of investigating crimes and Burundi uses the internationally recognized standards in investigations?