Burundi – Burundi Minister of Security Alain Guillaume Bunyoni said the security situation has continued to improve and is generally good throughout the country during the second quarter of 2017. At a press conference this afternoon Monday, July 18, 2017, the minister reported that cases of criminality such as grenade throwing and terrorist acts in some localities have occurred. Minister Alain Guillaume BUNYONI also said that the police have always been vigorous in the prevention and repression when they face criminality. “In 3561 searches carried out by the police throughout the country: 43 Kalashnikov type rifles and 3 pistols, 1570 rounds, 53 shippers, 99 grenades and military and police effects, 6 military and police uniforms were seized” indicated the Minister. He reported that according to statistics, the number of recorded offenses declined from 1331 in the first quarter of 2017 to 901 in the second quarter, a decrease of 32.3% in the crime rate. The minister also indicated that there were criminals apprehended, criminal gangs dismantled and, the quantity of prohibited alcoholic drinks have decreased sharply thanks to strategies derived from citizen education and intensified searches.